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how to make a paper wall

Using textured wallpaper is an elegant way to redo the walls when designing a room, but it can be very expensive. Covering your walls with the brown paper technique can have the same effect, but for a … ... More

how to become a return and earn

If you want an awesome career with high pay and great benefits (A Real Pension!), AND you're not afraid of a little hard work, then becoming a UPS Delivery Driver is the right job for you! ... More

how to make a craft bow tie

Learn how to make a wooden bow tie in this tutorial by Zebrano Wood Craft. Check… Learn how to make a wooden bow tie in this tutorial by Zebrano Wood Craft. Check…. Visit. How To Make A Wooden Bow Tie. Learn how to make a wooden bow tie in this tutorial by Zebrano Wood Craft. Check… Corbatas Mono De Madera Diseno Madera Tallado Apliques Adornos Corbata Mono Utensilios … ... More

how to make smooth gifs tumblr

Main things that affect filesize in gifs that you want to focus on: Amount of colors (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256) How lossy it is (basically it will just pack things more and make it look ugly) ... More

how to make friend more mature

Learn more about how to raise responsible kids >> Authentic maturity For teens who don’t have the best role models at home, it can be much more difficult for them to mature into responsible adults. ... More

how to make a dog fall asleep fast

If she is truly falling asleep or passing out from a standing position, then there are several possibilities such as heart disease which is causing a faint or my top concern is that she has narcolepsy / cataplexy which is a hereditary problem in some breeds, or it can develop as the result of a brainstem lesion. ... More

how to open account in poloniex and wallet

It would be nice if you showed how you got some initial coins (BTC, LTC, ETH) into your account in the first place! I have a completely empty account (no funds) and I need to get them to Poloniex before I can buy the XLM I want. ... More

how to get married to the person you love

Online Islamic Help Center CALL US NOW +91-9373321874***Online Love Problems Solutions*** Any Problems In Your Life. Problems Like :- Love Problems, Husband Wife Problems, Business Problems, Destroy Your Enemy, Inter Caste Marriage Problem.All Type of Problems Solve By Iqbal khan. ... More

how to make the best spaghetti with ground beef

13/01/2015 · How to Make the Best Italian Meatballs: 1. Combine bread pieces with 2/3 cup water and set aside for 5 minutes then mash together with a fork. 2. In a large mixing bowl (I use my KitchenAid mixer to do the work), add: 1 lb ground beef… ... More

how to make lightsaber effect in photoshop

This tutorial shows you the basics of how to make a Star Wars lightsaber in After Effects. Make sure to take good video footage of your fight scene to get the best results possible. ... More

how to make throw pillow covers without a sewing machine

Sewing an envelope-style pillow cover is easier than you think! I'm sharing a tutorial to make a pillow, one of the quickest ways to spruce up any space! I'm sharing a tutorial to make a pillow, one of the quickest ways to spruce up any space! ... More

how to open a kmz file in google earth

KMZ file extension Information that help open, edit, and convert .KMZ file . When there is a problem with opening files with the extension .KMZ you do not … ... More

how to make s mores in the toaster oven

I made these crescent s’mores bars in an 8 inch square pan which is the perfect size for cooking in a toaster oven. No need to heat up the oven or kitchen when you can just bake these in a toaster oven. Preheat the toaster oven or regular oven to 375 degrees. ... More

how to make coloured text topps

21/03/2017 · I"m trying to put a text box at the bottom of a document that has a background color. I've tried using comment text box but the text will not justify correctly. When I create a shape, I can't get the text box to be "in front" so we can read it. ... More

how to receive gods love

... More

how to move out if you have no money

8/02/2017 · Many situations involve the need to save money for moving out, but one of the most common, most anticipated, and most nerve-wracking is moving out of your parents’ house to live on your own for the first time. No one wants to go broke within six months and have to move back in with their parents, so proper preparation is essential to getting this move right the first time. By … ... More

how to make your hair curl in wisedon the end

1/03/2016 · The Luxy Hair channel is your source for the best easy, cute and quick hair tutorials. On our channel you will find simple everyday hairstyles, last-minute hairstyles, back-to-school hairstyles ... More

how to order an uber taxi from heathrow to greenwich

Greenwich 45 Minutes Taxi 55 minutes Approx ?50 Heathrow Heathrow Express to Paddington Bakerloo Line from Paddington to Waterloo Jubilee from Waterloo to North Greenwich Piccadilly Line from Heathrow to Green Park Jubilee Line from Green Park to North Greenwich Time : 1h25 Luton Thames Link Train to Kings Cross Northern Line to London Bridge Jubilee Line London Bridge … ... More

how to prepare for a panel interview for a job

11/10/2007 · Panel interviewing allows multiple people to interview a job candidate at the same time. A panel has two or more participants, which may include the … ... More

how to make an instagram post on computer

How to Post on Instagram from MAC/PC using Gramblr: How it Works: At first, you need to download the software on your desktop, the software is available freely. Check the download section for downloading. After downloading, Install it & open it on your system. Firstly it shows the registration page to you, you need to create an account there and sign in with your account. During the ... More

how to make a rockabilly dress

New Women's Vintage 50s 60s Printing Retro Rockabilly Pinup Housewife Party Swing Dress. New Women's Vintage 50s 60s Printing Retro Rockabilly Pinup Housewife Party Swing Dress ... More

how to make beef patty crust

But the hand-held with the best shot at making the list of classic New York noshes is the Jamaican beef patty, a rectangle of flaky yellow crust filled with ground beef shot … ... More

xbox 1 backwards compatibility list how to play

What is Backward Compatibility? Play hundreds of Xbox 360 games, and now, classic Original Xbox titles on Xbox One. Selected Xbox 360 games are Xbox One X Enhanced, leveraging the additional power of the console for higher resolution, 9 times the original pixel count, and expanded colour details. ... More

how to say when in russian

Check out this instructional Russian language video to learn Russian as Russians speak it. This is Theme 8, Lesson 3 in the series. Practice your Russian listening skills by listening to the dialogue presented in this language video. ... More

how to make betty crocker brownies more chewy

Betty Crocker takes the cake — well, brownie — again! Tasters agreed that this mix had the best ratio of chips-to-brownie. They also noted that these brownies had a "very chewy" texture ... More

how to make crochet pokemon

How To: Upcycle a t-shirt into a Pikachu romper How To: Make an origami Pikachu from Pokemon How To: Crochet a lightweight skull cap beanie ... More

how to prepare a woman for anal sex

More and more ladies are putting a welcome mat by the back door: 36 percent of women and 42 percent of men have tried anal sex, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and ... More

how to prove you love someone

6/02/2007 · Best Answer: First of all don't worry about her family, just worry about her. If she really loves you she will stand by you. Second, there is nothing you can say to prove you love her. Your actions will prove how you feel about her. It may take time, but eventually they will "see" that you love … ... More

how to make a bird cage with cardboard

If it’s a metal Bird cage, then recycling it into something else isn’t very easy- they rust over time and look unsightly. Bamboo cages stand the test of time and recycling it into say an outdoor feature is … ... More

how to say your eyes are beautiful in chinese

Tears Quotes. Quotes tagged as "tears" Showing 1-30 “If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears. If I can see joy in your eyes then share with me your smile.” ? Santosh Kalwar tags: eyes, joy, pain, poetry, share, smile, tears. 812 likes. Like “The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is ... More

how to add songs to groove music without free pass

groove music free download - Groove Music Pass, TubeMate, TubeMate 3, and many more programs groove music free download - Groove Music Pass, TubeMate, TubeMate 3, … ... More

how to play against a friend dragon ball fighterz

Play Against Us in Dragon Ball FighterZ - GameSpot Community Livesteam In honor of the start of EVO 2018 today, we want to play a fighting game against you, the … ... More

how to say hello in somali language

TIL: Just as it was standardizing the alphabet, the Somali Language Committee also created the Morse Code symbols 2 · 13 comments Weekly /r/Somalia Discussion thread - December 05, 2018 ... More

how to put toddler to bed sims 3

In the Sims 3 on the PC, you can use a food processor to puree the food and feed it to the toddlers. This is how you feed a toddler their favorite food. I'm not sure if this is also in the Sims 3 on consoles, but I imagine it is. ... More

how to make karaage fried chicken

Karaage is a Japanese traditional dish that is often mistaken for fried chicken. Its delicious, distinctive taste and the many varieties are what make the difference. Be sure to taste this dish at least once! The boneless variety of deep fried chicken meat is the general image of karaage in Japan ... More

how to make a powerful telescope pdf

GMT how to make a telescope pdf - You'll need to make the holes where the lens is going to be placed in the outer tube, because the holes allow you to put glue into the inner part of the tube. Near the end of the inner tube is the best place, about an inch in. You'll also need to the make holes at the end of the outer tube for the eyepiece and the cap. Thu, 06 Dec 2018 19:36:00 GMT How to Make ... More

how to play holiday by scorpions on guitar

Guitar learning tips and advice: Acoustic electric guitars give you acoustic guitar sound, and also the advantage of being able to easily hook it up to an amplifier and add effects or record yourself directly. ... More

how to make colored powder for gender reveal

gender reveal parties A “Gender Reveal” party is where the couple forgoes finding out the gender during the ultrasound and instead has the technician place a card indicating the gender in a … ... More

how to make turkish delight chocolate

Combine chocolate and cream in small heavy-based saucepan over low heat. Stir for 3 minutes or until chocolate is just melted. Transfer to a medium heatproof bowl; cool for 15 minutes. ... More

how to make homemade chicken

You can add egg white (2) to marinating ingredients if you need to make the chicken chewy! But you need to deep fry using a lot of oil. This recipe shows the way to fry the chicken with little oil - … ... More

how to use google play balance for in app purchases

Can I use a RuPay card to purchase apps on Google play? Is there any way to buy a Google Play gift card using your Google Play balance? Can I really get Google Play gift cards for free without downloading any app? ... More

how to make am 2201

I am following up with the Corporate office and filing a health complaint with the City of Irving. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU WILL REGRET IT. Set your app to a different store. As for me, I won't be ordering from any Papa John's again. If you want a real pizza, … ... More

how to make it so your computer doesnt turn off

... More

how to make a revit file read only

I have exported an IFC file from Revit and opened in CONNECT but the file is read only. To make some use of this how do I make this not read only so that I can cut sections, etc. ... More

how to play live radio on iphone

14/10/2017 · Unfortunately, no. Apple says its iPhone 7, introduced last year, and this year's iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X don't use a chipset with an embedded FM radio… ... More

how to make homemade bike polish

remains only to mount the gearbox on my bike homemade I do no more details than that the bike because for me the main subject is the gearbox! a bike custom is simple to do for someone who used to do it even when I put some pictures of the bike as I have also spent time on it on the pictures it is a friend who drives the bike on the video is me ... More

how to pack a carry on bag for flying

You know your child’s propensity for clothes-destroying better than anyone, so use your judgement, but for a baby, a general rule is one set of clothes per three hours of flying, plus two nappies per hour. ... More

how to say i am so relieved in japanese

“I am a little relieved to be able to ride on the return Soyuz,” Kanai added. Sounds like an honest mistake; it’s doubtful an ISS astronaut like Kanai would willingly spew false information. ... More

how to say towel in spanish

One of the first things you learn in a foreign language is how to ask where the bathroom is. I’m sure many people who speak only minimal Spanish can spit out the word baño while they frantically dance about, showing their urgency. ... More

how to say graduate from school in japanese

If I were back in high school and someone asked about my plans, I'd say that my first priority was to learn what the options were. You don't need to be in a rush to choose your life's work. What you need to do is discover what you like. You have to work on stuff you like if you want to be good at what you do. ... More

how to make a digger birthday cake

No matter what level of baking experience you have: total beginner or expert, our homemade birthday cake kits come with cut out templates and step by step recipe card to make it super easy cake making that will have everyone wanting to know your secret! ... More

how to open pcode file

Is there a way to see the source of a pcode file. Is there a way to open a pcode file (.p) in MATLAB? You invoke the resulting P-code file in the same way you invoke the. ... More

how to make sure i get my bond back

Make sure the full bond amount is shown on the bond claim form. If the landlord disagrees that you should get your bond back If the landlord believes that you’ve damaged the house beyond fair wear and tear, they can make a claim against you and request that you pay for the repairs. ... More

how to make azaleas bloom again

I have azaleas in my back yard that blooms after the ones in spring,they are in full bloom now, and have two different colors of flowers on them. I can't remember where I bought them, would love to … ... More

how to make c function accept only vector 3

Members in a vector are officially called components. Nevertheless, we will just call them members in this site. Here is a vector containing three numeric values 2 , 3 and 5 . ... More

how to put backspin on your wedges

Address the ball in the centre of your stance. Put 65% of the weight on the front foot nearest the target and ensure hands are ahead of the ball. Make a conscious effort to retain this weigh distribution throughout the swing and focus on generating an upright backswing. Keep your body movement quiet and allow the arms and hands to swing in front of your body. This promotes a descending angle ... More

how to open text file in linux

Most of the time, you probably open text files using a text editor. But there is a faster and, I think, better way of reading text files. That's using a utility called less. ... More

how to make a sound wave picture

A computer uses the reflected sound waves to create a black-and-white picture of the growing baby. The picture here has been coloured in to show the baby more clearly. The picture here has been coloured in to show the baby more clearly. ... More

how to prepare upma in hindi

Upma, uppumavu or uppittu is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent, most common in South Indian, Maharashtrian, and Sri Lankan Tamil breakfast, cooked as a thick porridge from dry-roasted semolina or coarse rice flour. ... More

how to make ginger tea with ginger paste

Plenty of recipes, especially Asian ones, call for garlic and ginger paste. It's actually just garlic and ginger blended together so make it fresh! In a food processor, combine the garlic and ginger… ... More

how to make your own lace dress

After setting the blouse on the dress form, I laid the lace pieces on the blouse, using dress pins to set them in place. I worked slowly to set the pieces, frequently pausing to consider the configuration, unpinning and moving around the pieces to my liking. ... More

how to make homemade pussy toy

Like steel, glass toys may be used to apply firmer pressure than silicone can to a female's G-spot (urethral sponge) or male's prostate gland. Unlike other types of toys, glass sex toys can also be personalized with inscriptions. ... More

how to make any image a rainmeter skin

I am making a rainmeter skin based of the "Elegant Clock" skin, and am trying to make it so that some of the meters will hide if it is before or after a certain time of day. For now, all I want it to ... More

how to move my website to the top of google

How to Import and Export Documents in Google Drive double-click the filename in Google Drive. The file opens. Click the arrow next to Open with Google Sheets in the top center of the screen. A drop-down menu displays giving you file conversion options. A drop-down menu appears giving you file conversion options. Click the name of the file format to open the file with that application. 2 ... More

how to make a desert terrarium

15/04/2017 · Firstly, what is a terrarium? Terrariums are usually sealable glass containers containing soil and plants, and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. There are many different kinds of terrariums- rainforest, air, moss, ferns, etc. But, today, we are going to make a desert terrarium. For a desert terrarium, it is ... More

how to open disk management in windows 8

Formatting a device using Disk Management in Windows 8 Checking the drive letter and partition in Windows XP Formatting a memory card, flash drive or device using a PC ... More

how to make a raccoon call

University of Victoria PhD candidate Justin Suraci discovered the raccoon-ridding remedy after a soundtrack of animal calls ranging from bears and sea lions to man’s best friend was tested on B ... More

how to make google sheet update today

Google sheet is one of my favorite Google App and I use it . Today I came across a video on “How to add a Timestamp in Google Docs“. It shows how to install a script which will add a timestamp automatically to last column. ... More

how to put widgets onto desktop mac

3/07/2012 · Hi i hav a macbook pro that is the 13" 2012 model and it doesn't hav the dashboard button. so if u know how to put dashboard widgets on your desktop on the 2012 model macbook pro plz tell me how and i like to add that i hav the OSX Loin software on my mac and i set my dashboard to be trance parent mode so u hav to tell me how ... More

how to cervix open in birth naturally

During the contractions, the muscle around the cervix contracts opening the cervix little bit. When the contraction stops, the cervix also relaxes but the opening of cervix continues. As the contraction progresses, the cervix will further open up. This way the cervix goes … ... More

how to make a remote gate opener

A universal garage door opener is a handy device to have if you have lost your original remote for your automatic garage door or need an opener for an additional driver. Sometimes it is very difficult to find original replacement remotes for a garage door opener, … ... More

how to play fast ball

Fastball. You're An Ocean. Fastball. Led Zeppelin— Stairway To Heaven. Can't play "Stairway To Heaven"? Improve your playing via easy step-by-step video lessons! ... More

how to make a crescent bouquet

Something as simple as baby's breath can become a stunning bouquet when massed together. Learn how to design a baby's breath bouquet with this tutorial. On-line classes and training make learning on the fly or at home easy. For a more hands on approach check out our Workshops and Mentoring. ... More

how to make a real cash register

Learn how to register for a player account. Deposit with Visa, Mastercard, ACH, PayNearMe, Online Banking Transfer, Neteller or using Cash in person at the cage and experience the thrill of Real Money … ... More

how to open sauce bottle without opener

Only helping the big guys. While open source software has revolutionised the enterprise software world, a few people are starting to wonder if its very nature will survive the age of the cloud. ... More

how to make a basic table

Title: Use DAO to make a database lookup table: Description: This example shows how to use DAO to make a database lookup table in Visual Basic 6. It builds the new lookup table, extracts distinct values from the original table, and defines a relationship between the original table and the new lookup table. ... More

how to pack up bed ends on a jayco flamingo

Once the roof is wound up, the beds need to be pulled up and this does expose them to the weather, so expect them to get wet if you’re forced to set up or pack up in the rain. That problems largely solved if you option the bed-end storm covers (fitted to this tester), but there’s still some risk. ... More

how to make poofy hair look good

Even though they can make your hair look flawless for a while, in the long run they will damage you hair and you will need more heat to attain the same results. It's kind of … ... More

how to open shapefile in arcmap

Output shapefiles will only have a DateTimeS field. All other output format types will attempt to create a DateTime field as long as the date format complies to the XML Time standard. Most GPX files follow the XML Time standard. ... More

how to make a small gift box out of cardboard

Cardboard Box Material Cardboard boxes are perfect for a variety of uses, including moving and packing (and let's not forget, many children and cats enjoy playing with them). With Paper Mart's selection, you can choose the cardboard box that works for you from a variety of shapes and sizes. ... More

how to make bread by hand from scratch

3/01/2012 · How to Make Ciabatta Bread from scratch - No Bread Machine Required! CaitlinCooks. Loading... Unsubscribe from CaitlinCooks? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 11K ... More

how to make a backup of office

I have a legal CD of Microsoft Office 2007, and I am trying to make a backup copy CD of this. On Mac, with Disco, the burner says the CD is encrypted. In Linux, with brasero, it reads the disk ... More

how to put honest and reliability in resume

Adaptive skills include reliability, ability to get along with colleagues, honesty, and productivity. Adding your skills to your resume Job-related and transferable skills are the most desirable to list on your resume. ... More

how to open a msg file without outlook free

Free MSG Viewer Download the Freeware, offers to view the desired MSG files without MS Outlook installation. MSG (Mail Message) is a popular file extension, used by MS Outlook and Exchange to safely store whole items including emails, notes, messages, calendars, contacts etc… ... More

how to make a good salad

Light and easy boost your vitamin intake with a colourful salad. Salads aren't just about leaves - almost any plant food (stale bread included) can go into a salad so don't be afraid to ... More

how to move during intercourse

A prostate massage does not completely empty the contents of the prostate.

During intercourse the prostate swells to its full potential, during ejaculation it is released in rapid spurts and the excitement ends. Energy is lost during ejaculation, but by a massaging the prostate, it is possible to pump the semen in small doses to prolong sensual pleasure. In the normal scenario you ... More

how to make onion bhajis crispy

A perfectly crispy onion bhaji was my first introduction to Indian food when I was little. I think my mom made them quite different though and got the dough to onion ratio a little confused – they should ALWAYS be more onion than dough. ... More

how to make lo mein

Shrimp Lo Mein is an easy dish to make at home and tastes just as good as any restaurant version. You can even prepare all of the ingredients ahead of time for an easy weeknight meal. ... More

how to make a corner ladder shelf

The hardest part of this project was the assembly. First, make some marks on each sides of the two legs that will hold the shelves. Start with assembling the shelves one by one. ... More

how to make a straplwsa top

29/12/2018 · To make a top hat, start by cutting out two large circles of sturdy, stiff fabric for the brim, two rectangles for the sides, and a smaller circle for the top of the hat. Then, stack the large circles on top of each other, sew them together around the edges, and cut out the center so that the hole fits the top of your head. Next, sew the rectangles together along the short sides to form a ... More

how to meet nicolas cage

Robert Khoury is definitely one of the most popular Lebanese celebrity hair stylists, and it is no wonder he was recently chosen as Nicolas Cage's hair dresser for an event in Las Vegas. ... More

how to play snowboarding in victoria

The Top Ten Important Moments in Snowboarding History Since its mid-1960s inception, snowboarding has seen such a boom in popularity that it is now an event at the Winter Olympics ... More

how to make giant orbeez

Play and Listen we made edible orbeez a diy giant gummy orbeez made out of jell o its just like gummy pudding or jelly pudding we love to play with the real orbeez and wanted to make the edible version EDIBLE ORBEEZ - DIY Giant Gummy Orbeez! ... More

how to say thank you in different ways

No Easy Thanks A quick scan through all of the different ways to say "thank you" reveals that a simple greeting is often more complicated than we English speakers imagine. ... More

how to make a epic house in minecraft

April 18, 2017 Epic Amazing Comments Off on Minecraft: BORUTO – NARUTO E SASUKE APOIAM O NAMORO DE BORUTO E SARADA #27 BREAKING EVERY RULE IN MINECRAFT! April 9, 2017 Epic Amazing Comments Off on BREAKING EVERY RULE IN MINECRAFT! ... More

how to make fresh flower garland for god

man making fresh flower garlands outside Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple jalan bandar near petaling street kuala lumpur Little India: petals for making flower garlands Hindu temple shrine stone surrounded with a flower garland in a rural Indian village. ... More

how to make gluten free pancake mix

Instructions. Combine all the ingredients for the pancake mix in a storage container. Shake or mix to evenly combine. For the pancakes, combine the almond … ... More

how to put linkedin in signature

All of the official icons to relevant social networks can be added to an email signature with a single click such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Since email signatures can be updated so easily, you can include up-to-date news and invite recipients to interact with you. ... More

how to make doll house at home

This is the most common size of doll house items, where 1" (inch) equals 1' (foot) of a real life item. For example, a foot long sub or baguette would For example, a … ... More

how to play monk d3

When we play we are willing to suspend our hardwired beliefs in order to interact with the game. To do this requires attention. It requires attention on a fixed state of the game but also on each ... More

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how to make milled oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal simply refers to oats that have been finely milled and then suspended in liquid or gel. Polyphenols in oatmeal soothe the skin Research points to polyphenols called avenanthramides — found mainly in oats — for their ability to soothe itching and irritated skin.

how to read the numbers on a fridge dial

Dial Meters have small clock faces and are read left to right, ignoring the dial marked 1/10, and you record the numbers from each dial. If the pointer is between two numbers, record the lowest number.

how to make vegetable soup tasty

Easy Vegetable Soup. A hearty soup for the cold months. 78%. Cheap And Easy Vegetable Soup. A warm, colourful and tasty way to enjoy a lunch or evan a starter at dinner time.

how to read arabic numbers

Another advantage of the arabic numeral system is that "small" numbers have a short representation and big numbers have a longer representation. 30 and 38 in roman numerals is XXX and XXXVIII. While representations of integers in arabic numerals have a uniform length over intervals, this characteristic is clearly absent in the roman numeral system.

how to make aloe vera gel for hair

Caution: Aloe vera can leave a red, blood-like stain, so be very careful when you’re extracting the gel! Once the aloe has dried onto the hair, you should be fine and it shouldn’t stain your pillowcase.

fallout 4 settlement how to raise and lower object

In our ongoing series of Fallout 4 guides, we’ve already taken a look at how to assign settlers to roles within your settlement, and in this episode we’re taking a look at the best way to

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